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What is FPP?

What is FPP?

We are an independent non-profit classical liberal research center, formed up by professionals, young people, opinion leaders, academics and public intellectuals in Chile.

Our work is to promote the culture of a free society and responsible citizens in the civil society through the dissemination of ideas and the development of critical thought.


We promote the culture of a free and responsible society among citizens by divulging ideas and developing critical thinking.

We aim to change the categories of analysis and perceptions.


Our goal

To drive a cultural change that will make it possible for each person to maximize talent and life project development with no restrictions other than the respect for other people’s dignity.


We believe that progress is finding out what we still don’t know. And this discovery may only take place in profoundly free environments. The wealth human beings hold only flourishes when they find it possible to deploy their uniqueness, in a spontaneous order of voluntary and peaceful cooperation.

What we believe

Ideology: Classical liberalism.

It encompasses a set of political ideas that are related in Europe during the XVII to the XIX centuries. It establishes, from its origins and until today, limits on the absolute power of the State and its intervention in civil affairs and the eradication of political and social privileges. This is to allow the individual to fully develop their capacities and projects in freedom.

Our values

Integrity | culture of excellence and commitment | value of diversity | passion for winning | sense of transcendence





Las opiniones expresadas en esta publicación son de exclusiva responsabilidad del autor y no necesariamente representan las de Fundación para el Progreso, ni las de su Directorio, Senior Fellows u otros miembros.


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«El progreso no es una bendición ininterrumpida.
A menudo viene con sacrificios y luchas.»

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