Our mission and our purpose

MISSION: To promote and defend the culture and institutions of a free society.

OUR PURPOSE: To influence the public and intellectual opinion climate in the country.

We care about the principles that are considered valuable and valid in all times, beyond “feasible ideas” according to the political reality of the time. We aim for cultural change.

Misión, visión y valores

Our institutional values.

“We think progress is the discovery of what we still do not know. And that such discovery can only take place in spaces of deep freedom
that allow people to experiment, make mistakes, and learn through exploration and refinement of the diversity of talents and skills that they possess. The enormous spiritual and intellectual wealth that human beings possess flourishes only when they find it possible to deploy their uniqueness, that is, when they are free to pursue – without restrictions other than the respect for other people’s life projects – their dreams and personal goals in a spontaneous order of voluntary and peaceful cooperation. “

VISION:  To be the Chilean beacon of the ideas, culture, and institutions of a free society.


  • We educate the youth on the principles, institutions, and ideas of a free society through programs of our own and through partnerships with other institutions.
  • We actively participate in public debate, promoting and conveying our ideas.
  • We are a forum that gathers for individuals and institutions who support the ideal of a society respectful of human dignity.
Misión, visión y valores

Principles of a free society


  • We are committed to the country and to the dignity of each and every member of our society. Therefore we promote the idea of free and responsible individuals.
  • We are independent from political parties, movements, and corporations.
  • We have a long-term vision of the future.
  • We value unity in diversity.
  • We look after the academic thoroughness and intellectual honesty of our investigations and participation in the public debate.
  • We recognize culture as a space of freedom, creation, and human expression. We promote the arts and innovation in all scopes.
  • We value the contributions and trajectory of other national and international think tanks, with whom we constantly cooperate with.
  • We are efficient and effective in the use of resources provided by our donors.


Our character responds to a genuine motivation and commitment to the progress and dignity of people. In order to fulfill our mission:

  • We will be firm, but never arrogant or proud.
  • We will be direct and uninhibited, always with respect for others.
  • We will be healthily skeptical, with critical spirit and ready to offer our best ideas.
  • We will be receptive and welcoming, with an open door policy to listen and share our vision of society with everyone.
  • We will be creative and innovative, understanding that these qualities can only flourish in freedom.

"La libertad no se pierde por
quienes se esmeran en atacarla, sino por quienes
no son capaces de defenderla"

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