Liberal Academy

The Liberal Academy is a platform that brings online training courses Foundation for Progress. These are aimed mainly (but not limited) to young people between 16 and 30 years in all regions of Chile who are interested in learning different concepts of classical liberal thought.

The Liberal Academy brings together various courses offered at different times of the year through the eClass platform, thanks to its 100% online methodology allows all those who for reasons of time or distance can not participate in CPD activities in person they have access to part of our content with cutting-edge methodology.

The first course, issued between December 7, 2015 to January 11, 2016, entitled “Principles of Free Society” and is divided into three modules:

  1. Work Ethic by Jorge Gómez, Director of Research FPP.
  2. Institutions of a liberal democracy by Jean Masoliver, FPP researcher.
  3. Progress and Freedom by Ivan Cachanosky, FPP researcher.


  • Course duration: 6 weeks approx.
  • First version: between 7 December 2015 and 11 January 2016.
  • Applications: Closed. opening new applications were notified.
  • Difficulty level: Basic – Intermediate.
  • Seats: 100 seats available, which are filled in order of registration and payment.
  • Value: The course has a value of $ 5,000 per person for children under 31 years and $ 20,000 for those with 31 years of age or older.

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