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FPP Valparaíso

In 2016, our office in Valparaiso became established, after its opening in 2015. Dedicated mainly to the development of the cultural area of FPP and managed autonomously from this office, it creates cultural products which communicate from emotion and artistic expression the values of an open and free society. With this, the foundation seeks to innovate and break the conventional patterns, allowing us to widen the possibilities of communication with the audience.

“This is the city through which the great ideas arrived, the great innovations, which allowed Chile to become modernised. Valparaiso has been a city of commerce and entrepreneurship, of art and culture, of great benefactors and philanthropists. Valparaiso has always been a “Port of Freedom.”  Roberto Ampuero. Former Minister of Culture. Senior Fellow FPP.


FPP Valparaiso Address: 887 Prat Street, 5th floor, Reloj Turri building, Valparaiso.

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"Freedom loss is not caused by those who attack it, but by the weakness of those unable to defend it."



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