What is FPP?

We are an independent non-profit classical liberal research center, formed up by professionals, young people, opinion leaders, academics and public intellectuals in Chile.
Our work is to promote the culture of a free society and responsible citizens in the civil society through the dissemination of ideas and the development of critical thought.

About us

Aware of the need of decentralizing the debate and reflection on a free society, FPP has started up a regional expansion plan through collaborative work with organizations and business man all around Chile; creating a network of four offices in Valparaíso, Santiago, Concepción and Valdivia, and the access to contents through online courses, digital resources and activities all around the country.

MALLA FPP – 2016

Programa de formación de la FPP donde podrás aprender en profundidad las ideas y principios que…


"Freedom loss is not caused by those who attack it, but by the weakness of those unable to defend it."


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