Cinema Clubs

Film cycles are aimed at watching and discussing movies that show liberal life styles that many times go unnoticed. Thus, through a discussion guided by a guest lecturer, attendants have a conversation and reflection on liberal principles and specific ideas and deepen on them, in addition to having an entertaining evening.

Next cycle: October 6, 2016

Place: FPP, 5th Floor. (Prat 887, Valparaíso.)

Difficulty level: basic

Quota: limited

Price: free

Movie 1: “Matriz” commnets by Ricardo Neimann (October 6th)

Movie 2: “Good bye Lenin” comments by Franz Schultzki (October 20th)

Movie 3: “Life is Beautiful” comments by José Antonio Soto” (November 3rd)

Movie 4: “V For Vendetta” comments by Sascha Hanning (November 17th)

  • This cycle is aimed at delivering concepts in a more sensitive practical way – not so theoretical.
  • This is a good way of approaching liberalism in a friendlier manner.

–                Critical analysis of movies and concepts of the movie and drama language.

–                Attendants learn about other tools to transmit ideas.

General public
The entire movie is shown and once it has finished, it is commented by an FPP member or by an ad-hoc lecturer. After the talk – or during it (depending on the lecturer) – the attending public discusses the movie and has a conversation on it.